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Set consists of:

1 Sea Vu Dry + mask
1 adapter
1 cover disc
2 filters
2 filter plugs
1 user manual

With a few simple changes, the Sea Vu Dry + can be converted for daily use and turned back in to a snorkelling mask when required.

After removing the snorkel attachment, a specially developed Mares adaptor can be added which features two channels - a central upwards-pointing channel is the inhalation channel, and a side channel is the exhalation channel.

This mask can be used in two configurations: with one filter placed on the inhalation channel or with two filters attached, one per channel. The configuration with one filter has been designed for those who know they do not have a virus and want to avoid inhaling foreign bacteria or viruses. The configuration with two filters is more all-encompassing, filtering both inhaled and exhaled air.

The filters provided for use with this system are certified medical filters which last 24 hours after first use. Their filtering efficiency is 99,9999% for bacteria and 99,999% for viruses.

For added ease, the mask can be cleaned and sterilised at home after every use.

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